My Journey in Life 🇵🇭🇨🇦

This took me a lot of days and time thinking if i really want to post and do a story about my life. I am always motivated on how other people make their own journals and blogs about their journeys in life and how they cope up with it. Well, to be honest my blog will not be as formal as what it is, i am gonna publish anything what i need to say and write over here without any hesitation🖤✍🏻. There might be some wrong grammars on my blog but im really trying my best to make it more better and understandable since this is my very first blog .I’m going to see this blog as my own diary 🖤. I think im going to start from the very beginning to where i really came from. 🇵🇭



Hi! I am Gedezlle Gian Quilas Bayadog, 21 years old and born at Tagbilaran City, Bohol , Philippines. Bohol is the place where my mom lives! This is located in the middle part of the philippines which is in Visayas. People who lives here speak Bisaya. Even though im born in bohol i was not able to grow up here because of family purposes and their work. My mom just want me to be born in bohol because she wants me to be a Boholana Woman like her🖤

After being born in Bohol. My Mom and my Dad decided to live across bohol which is in Cebu City. Honestly it’s not really that far from bohol but it takes a lot of hours also to travel which is you need to take a bus and a ship to cross the island. This is the place where my Dad lives and grow and yes of course my Dads family side lives in Cebu. My mom also had no choice but to be with my Dad in Cebu because the two of them actually works there! Cebu City gives more higher salary than in bohol maybe thats the reason why my mom left bohol just to work in cebu even though it’s too far from her place because of the salary she might get and the opportunities she will have. Shes one of the Albertos shoes manager and my dad is a restaurant supervisor. I Think Cebu is the place where my parents loves story begins🤔

~ Cebu City ~

As my journey continues. My family officially moved In Cebu City. Cebu City is the Oldest City in the philippines. This place gives retains of landmarks from its 16th-century Spanish colonial past. People here are very religious and do celebrates sinulog. Sinulog is really part of my life ever since the day i was born. I grow up witnessing and attending every fiestival and i even participated once in a competition which is the very best of my life. This fiestival is one of my favorite holiday of the year. i wish i had a photo of me before ,that will be one of my biggest flex of all time.

I grow up being alone but i have everything what i want. I have every toys that my friends doesn’t have and yet, i still get jealous how my friends have siblings to play with. I grow up being spoiled kid maybe because im the only child but i have my “ate” with me but she is not my sister i just call her “ate” because she is the one taking care of me and she is my mothers first cousin. She’s the one who goes to school with me, pack my breakfast,luch and dinner, help me at my school , do the household chores and everything at home and she also lives with us. My Mom hire her to take good care of me while theyre not at home, my parents are really busy on their work thats why i have my “ate” with me. The word “Ate”, is in reference to an older female relative or respected friend (especially one’s own sister or kapatid), and means “Sister”.I am more spoileder to my dad because he gives me everything what i want and my mom is the opposite one. My mom gives me some strict rules about me and explaining why i don’t need those stuff with me. Honestly, i learned about my mom even though i hate her during this days because i cannot get what i want but today i just realized how important that is and see how a good mother she was.

A photo of me at Cebu City

Years have pass, i grow up living in a city. I studied in Camp Lapu Lapu Elementary School where i met a lot of friends and in the age of 6 i guess i started to like someone but im not sure about it. I experienced also having a fight at School, Sneaking out the campus at the age 6 during lunch time and i even remember i peed somewhere inside the building specifically at the stairs LoL! which is so embrassing for me for me to remember🤪 i got lucky no one saw me.